From interpretation of music, story and character to vocal and physical freedom and expression, this 10-day intensive program promises to guide you to new levels of artistry and confidence.

Program Curriculum


During the program singers will work on a pre-assigned opera scene(s) and opera arias or songs from their repertoire. Singers will perform on at least one concert and the final program of fully staged opera scenes.

Scene Study
Each singer will be cast in at least 1 scene. Each scene will be musically and textually coached and will be fully staged. Scenes will be performed in the final program.

Creative Process

Creative Process with Carol Castel (daily) explores stagecraft, character, musical and physical expression by focusing on the artist within each singer. Theater games, tableaus, masks and improvisation are used to unleash expressive power. Discussion and exercises help develop the tools needed to integrate power and strategy into stagecraft excellence.


Diction classes explore the elements of lyric diction. Rules of pronunciation in German, French and Italian will be studied with direct application to the vocal repertoire. Style and expressive lyric phrasing of the language through text and vocal interpretation will be emphasized.

Voice Coaching

Voice Coachings with Steven Nanni and Faculty: Each singer will receive at least four private coaching sessions where they can address vocal obstacles they may be experiencing, without reworking their basic vocal technique. Fundamentals of basic Bel Canto singing such as vocal freedom, tension release, breath support, posture and vowel work will be explored.


Movement/Dance with Stephanie A. Surowka-Sanders (each morning) is designed to provide a daily physical warm-up as well as address the physical needs of singers . Classes will include work on mind/body awareness through Alexander technique, posture, body language, stage presence and choreography.

Master Classes

Master Classes will be given during the program by faculty members, where participants have the opportunity to perform.